• Screened for Quality

  • When selecting soil for your yard, garden or landscaping project, you want the healthiest soil.

    At Akron's Finest Mulch, we understand that. We start by taking unscreened topsoil then finely screen it to remove any and all impurities such as rocks and sticks.

    There are no additional "fillers" in our soil - no sand or other materials that could compromise the quality of the soil.

    The next step: We add peat to our soil, mixing it in to add vital nutrients.

    Once completed, the soil is stored in a dome, to keep it dry. This makes it easier to spread and reduces clumping.

    The result? Rich soil that's a healthy environment for grass, vegetables, flowers - whatever you grow will be nourished with everything it needs to flourish.

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  • Why Soil?

    Good, quality soil will not only provide the optimal environment for your yard and garden but will actively work to keep plants thriving.

    Quality soil will be packed with nutrients for growth, and will prevent moisture runoff, keeping plants hydrated.

    This also helps to maximize productivity, with gardens chock-full of blooms and plenty of vegetables and other garden products.


After using landscaping and mulch services for decades at various residences, Akron's Finest Mulch, provided us with the greatest design expertise and quality/price combination which far exceeded any other company in the past. They made suggestions on hardscape, design and scope of the job that greatly enhanced our initial plans. They completed the job in an incredibly professional and expeditious manner. I'd highly recommend them. Unlike other landscapers, the owner actually responds to calls and texts and can be relied upon for exceedingly high customer satisfaction.

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