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  • Mulch


    We use only high-quality, double- and triple-shredded mulch. Find out why this makes the difference.

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  • Soil


    Our soil is screened and filtered to promote excellent plant growth for a healthy, thriving yard and garden.

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  • Gravel


    Whether for paving, stepping or covering, we provide rocks and gravel of all sizes for the garden of your dreams.

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  • Firewood


    Whether for your fireplace or fire pit, we have firewood available in a variety of sizes. Give us a call when you need to add that touch of warmth.

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  • barnstone


    Solid and sophisticated, barn stone adds old-world elegance to any landscaping project. It's the perfect for walkways, fire pits, flower beds, walls and more.

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As a family-owned landscape & irrigation company that has built our business on customer service, customer service from our vendors is very important to us. We have used Akron’s Finest Mulch for some time now and have always been pleased with not only the quality of the product, but also the service. Everything from delivery to consistency of material has always been first class. Thank you Akron's Finest Mulch for such great service!

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Mulch Calculator

Use this calculator to quickly determine how much mulch you need for your project

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